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Imagine the beautiful epoxy jewelry to be crafted with our Art & Tumbler Epoxy! From rings and pendants to gorgeous wood epoxy teardrop and heart-shaped necklaces. Just think of the holiday gift ideas for family and friends with hand-made pieces of art, charm bracelets, pressed flowers, or inspirational gifts of love encased in epoxy!



Art & Tumbler Epoxy is as easy as 1-2-3. Just combine any amount at the 1:1 ratio, mix thoroughly, and pour! Our art epoxy is self-levelling engineered for coating flat objects and smooth surfaces. It can be used for casting objects and making 3-dimensional artwork. Tumblers effortlessly coated to enhance and protect the beauty of underlying artwork. Plus, Art & Tumbler Epoxy smoothly releases from silicone molds for multiple castings.



Art & Tumbler Epoxy is non-toxic when mixed as directed and fully cured. It’s not a stinky marine or general-purpose epoxy like other resins. No VOCs. No fumes. No solvents. Non-flammable. Non-hazardous. Low odor.



Add colorants, dyes, or powders to add gorgeous effects to your one-of-a-kind epoxy artwork. Art & Tumbler Epoxy is glossy, shiny, thick and increases the allure and value of anything it’s made with or used on!



Art & Tumbler Epoxy is formulated to offer the most clarity possible with UV yellowing protection and inhibitors. Clear top coats have never been this transparent!


  • Epoxy earrings, pendants, and bracelet jewelry
  • Epoxy coated drinking tumblers
  • Create epoxy ocean art and waves with lacing and cells
  • Coat artwork or canvases with epoxy for preservation
  • Custom pen blanks with epoxy and wood or objects
  • Epoxy serving trays and charcuterie boards
  • Epoxy over wooden art panels
  • Trinket dishes, trays, cups and bowls from epoxy molds
  • Epoxy coating over a finished puzzle
  • Epoxy and alcohol ink on Yupo paper
  • Mold epoxy coasters, coat memorabilia and photos
  • Flower/plant epoxy encapsulation
  • Object embedding in epoxy
  • Protect a Lino print, an oil pastel drawing, or chalk pastels with epoxy
  • Clear coat embellished gold leaf, or metal objects
  • Add alcohol ink, epoxy mica powders, or color shifting powders
  • Design bar tops, seal, live edge wood, embed flowers and rocks
  • Coat acrylic paintings, mosaics, oil paint, watercolors, marker and spray paint


  • Heat Resistant
  • Made in the USA
  • Scratch Resistance
  • High gloss
  • Self-leveling
  • Food Safe for incidental contact (FDA CFR 175.300)
  • Maximum U.V Resistant
  • Water Resistant
  • Zero VOC
  • 100% Solids
  • DIY friendly



Always use proper PPE, especially rubber gloves on. Pour equal amounts (1:1 ratio by volume) of A and B into a mixing cup. Mix more than you need to ensure to completely cover your work and not come up short


Stir SLOWLY! You are not making whipping cream! Mixing too fast will introduce air bubbles. Stir for at least 3 minutes while scraping the cup sides and bottom. Unmixed A or B material will not cure. Pour mixture into a fresh clean cup and mix 1 more minute to ensure a well-mixed product.

Once you mix the A and B together, you’ll have about 15-20 minutes of pot life time before the resin thickens and cures in the mixing cup. CAUTION! Only mix as much as needed in small batches. Unused epoxy can and will begin to heat up within 10-20 minutes - depending on volume - when left in mixing containers. Do not allow extra unused epoxy to sit! Pour all unused epoxy onto a scrap piece of wood or piece of cardboard in a thin layer to prevent overheating.


Whatever the project, be sure it is level, free of dust/ dirt and the room temp is at least 72 degrees. Always have a disposable plastic under your project to protect your work surface. Once the epoxy starts to pour it will self-level and this is when you can spread it, move it or manipulate it. You may see tiny bubbles in the epoxy. These are easily popped with a hairdryer or heat gun.

Once you begin using (pouring or spreading) the mixed epoxy, you’ll have about 30-45 minutes of working time before the resin thickens and begins cures.


Art & Tumbler Epoxy needs to cure for 24 hours for its initial hard cure before handling. Within 8 hours it will have a hard tack. This is when you can pour a second layer if so desired. In about 12 hours, it will be dry to the touch and can be moved without damage. (Do not remove from molds yet.) AT the 24 hour mark is when it can be handled or removed from a mold and will be cured hard in 72 hours. At 30 days it will be a full-hard cure.

Art & Tumbler Epoxy in its “clear cured form” is considered safe for incidental food contact in accordance with the FDA CFR Title 21 Sec. 175.300 Resinous and Polymeric Coatings. Food or beverages should be kept away while it is in a liquid pre-cured state. It is NOT to be eaten, drank or consumed in any manner in either liquid or cured form. Do not cut on, or prepare raw food on epoxy surfaces.

Once epoxy is fully cured for 30 days, it is an inert plastic and safe if all mixing instructions and directions have been followed as stated on the label and online.

NOTE: By the incorporation of colorants or objects, this may alter the epoxy’s food safety, non-toxicity, and non-flammability which may compromise any safety designation. When in doubt, add a thin layer of “clear” epoxy as a final coating to encapsulate the underlying epoxy in question.

Epoxy can and will melt when exposed to a flame and can catch fire. Always keep away from heat and open flames. When exposed to higher temperatures, a maximum of 120F (50C) should be adhered to at all times.


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