Slab Flattening

Do you need a large slab flattened? With our custom built 5 foot by 13 foot CNC machine we can flatten slabs that normal machines can't handle. Why spend hours flattening with a home made jig and a then having to clean it all up, let us flatten your slabs for you. 

Our CNC will get your lumber to a sand ready surface and can cut to a consistent thickness. 

Cost for customer supplied slab is $6 a square foot with a $120 minimum. This price will be to flatten both sides of the board. 

How to figure cost out the cost to flatten your slab: 

Example 1: You have a slab that at its widest is 32 inches wide and 60 inches long: 1:32 x 60 = 1920.  1920/144 = 13.3 sq ft. 13.3 x $6 = $79.8. Cost to flatten slab is $120 since the cost did not reach the $120 minimum. 

Example 2: You have a slab that at its widest is 48 inches and is 120 inches long. 48 x 120 = 5760. 5760/144= 40 sq. ft. 40 x $6 = $240