Kiln Drying

At Maine Urban Timber Company we utilize a specialized vacuum kiln that allows us to dry lumber significantly faster than a traditional kiln. Whether you have 1" pine or 4" oak, we can dry it for you.  

The kiln interior dimensions are 13’ long x 48” wide x 56” tall. We utilize 1” stickers between the wood to ensure proper air flow. Metal bars, spring and straps are used to keep the wood as flat as possible during the drying process.

We offer kiln drying services at half or full kiln amounts. Depending on board foot quantity and time needed to dry, prices for a full load can start around $1.08 a board foot or $1.65 a board foot for a half load. 

  • Our process can dry thick lumber in weeks rather than a process that can take over a year with a traditional kiln.
  • Kiln drying kills all bugs in your wood. 
  • The vacuum chamber allows faster drying with less degrade than traditional kilns. 
  • Faster turn around so you can user your lumber sooner.  


Contact us to discuss pricing on your kiln drying project. 



Kiln Drying

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