Maine Urban Timber Company

  • Let's Flatten Some Slabs!

    Slab flattening can be time consuming and create a huge mess. Let us flatten your slabs for you and save you hours of work and lots of dust.
  • 5 advantages to buying urban lumber over traditional lumber

    Traditional lumber is predictable, it comes in specific sizes, colors and shapes. When people want cherry, ash or maple, they picture rectangular p...
  • DON'T buy air dried slabs

    Why should you only buy kiln dried live edge slab lumber? Enduring quality and no bugs! "Green" or non-kiln dried lumber will never be as dry as the inside of your house. This means that the wood will always want to gain and loose its moisture with the change of the seasons. This can cause your beautiful slab table to warp, cup and crack! 

    When you buy your live edge slab lumber from Maine Urban Timber Company, you can always rest assured that the slabs will be dried below 8% moisture content and all the bugs that once lived in the wood will be dead!