Kiln dried, urban salvaged, live edge slabs from Maine

As of January, 2023

Total board feet salvaged: 23,634

Total sequestered CO2: 111,082 lbs / 55.5 tons

Total weight diverted from waste stream: 158,115 lbs / 79.1 tons

From urban trees to kiln dried slabs

urban slab lumber, Gardiner, Maine. Log arch trailer used to get Norway Maple - urban lumber in Maine.

Locally sourced

Our slabs are locally sourced and tracked when possible. Do you know where your lumber comes from?

Large sizes

Live edge slabs are sawn with a custom built 45" cut bandsaw mill or our 76" Lucas slabber mill.

idry vacuum kiln drying live edge lumber for sale in Maine. Live edge slab lumber from urban trees

Vacuum Kiln Dried

All of our urban slabs are dried using our state of the art vacuum kiln.

Lumber not commercially available

Our urban slabs are sourced from a variety of trees in sizes and species that aren't normally available. Why buy common lumber when you can have unique pieces with known provenance.

The Urban Lumber Difference

urban lumber characteristics - better than commercial lumber